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Beginnings and Endings

There's the normal mix of excitement and sadness as I announce that today is my last day with my current employers, 15below.

Sadness because the people here are great and I've learned an unbelievable amount while working here. Excitement because there's exciting things happening for the future. What are these brave new vistas? Well, that will have to wait for next week.

But for now, it's time for a brief thank you and review of what I'm leaving.

Thanks 15below for:

  • being an incredibly flexible, generous & family friendly employer
  • Lots and lots of learning from existing code, conversations, other people delivering internal training, letting me invite external speakers, and the rest
  • releasing some open source, even while in an "enterprise" market: github
  • letting me coordinate the internal developer education
  • sponsoring a bunch of conference speaking (there's more!)
  • trusting me to convert the build from msbuild to FAKE and kick start the journey to automated deployment (which was a slow and painful one in msbuild world…)
  • picking solid, generous people as staff - that's just one example from many, and the company often matches the giving of the staff

I'm hoping my last piece of work here, converting our main product repository to use Paket rather than nuget for dependency management is a gift that will keep on giving to the rest of the devs; here's to many more years of 15below bringing tech to the travel industry.