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2011: 32, married, computer programmer with 3 year old son. Life is good if frequently tiring!

2001: 22, working in desktop publishing (for a bank!) and about to meet the lady who will be my wife - although still going out with someone else. Shortly about to lose my job and descend into a (comparatively) short period of depression I utterly failed to recognise.

1991: 12, secondary school student reading A-level biochemistry text books for fun and trying to readjust to British society (I've been back for about 18months after 4 years abroad). My brother is about to leave the house to go to uni, leaving me an unshared bedroom…

1981: 2, I'm walking on broken milk bottles and chugging white spirit. Then my brother used my pram to take out the side of a Rolls Royce. The way my parents tell it it's a miracle I survive.