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I'm getting a new desktop machine sometime today or tomorrow for work, and need to leave the old one in something close to "standard" condition. Given all of the work for the next couple of days is web based I've started the clear up now.

Mostly for my own records, stuff I consider worth reinstalling on the new machine (current job is doing Windows development):

* Firefox (standard image still carries IE 6 *shudder*)
* WinSplit Revolution
* Vim
* Powershell (needs to be installed *before* visual studio)
* Visual Studio 2010
* Executer (Nice little app launcher)
* "Command Here" XP Powertoy
* UK Dvorak keyboard layout
* Esc key registry hack (makes Caps Lock an extra Esc key, almost essential for Vim)

Python is still sitting on the USB stick as well, just in case.