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Memoization in .net

Remember those Real Men of Genius Bud Light commercials on the radio? You know, the ones that salute unsung heroes like “Mr Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer,” “Mr Beach Metal Detector Guy,” and “Mr Male Fur Coat Wearer” with David Bickler singing rock ballad style in the background?

If they did one of these for Mads Torgersen, it would have to be:

“Mr Creates Recursive Lambda Expressions in C# via Y-Combinator Generated Fixed Point Functions Guy.”

I don’t remember the commercials, as it happens, but I agree with the sentiment (The original post that prompt this accolade is at…).

Looking into .net memoization techniques (seemed useful when I’m likely to be using a lot of recursive functions and webservice calls in the near future) seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m beginning to fear slightly for my sanity. Y-Combinators indeed…

And how do you pronounce memoize anyway?