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Annoucing @mavnn Ltd

As I hinted in the last post, new (and to me) exciting things are afoot. I'm very pleased to announce the formation of @mavnn ltd!

That's great, but what is it going to do?

I'm glad you asked! @mavnn ltd is the continuation of a lot of the things I've come to care most about over my years in software development: building reliable, maintainable and well crafted code and teaching others to do the same.

You can check out the web page for more details, but basically there's three streams to what the company will be providing:

  • Building code that works
  • Offering consultancy on how your team can build better software with less friction (especially around automating build, deployment and testing)
  • Giving training in skills that will allow teams to build solid software using functional programming techniques and thinking

What are doing already?

I'm glad you asked that too! Stream one of the company ("Building code that works") is already well under way - we're very pleased to say that @mavnn ltd's first customer is Logibit, where I'm helping Henrik and Mikko build out the Qvitoo platform.

Although it's always nice as a small company to have contracts, we're particularly pleased to be working with Logibit: firstly because they're great people to work with - you don't need to work for them to find that out, just get involved in any of the myriad open source projects they're involved in!

Secondly, as a company they embody the things that @mavnn stands for: leveraging the ideas behind functional programming in deeply practical ways to build software that solves real world problems, and does so exactly as designed.

Can I hire you?

Yes! To avoid disappointment, though, I should make it clear that we have some ongoing contractual agreements and so will not be accepting ongoing full time contracts for the foreseeable future.

Training, consultancy, ongoing part time and short term full time contracts are all up for grabs though - including remotely and in some cases internationally as evidenced by our co-operation with Logibit. Contact us to find out more.