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Level Up Your F# Skills

@mavnn ltd have always offered training as a service, but we're now pleased to announce our very first public training event. As readers of this blog (or people attending F# Exchange), you get first notification!

"Level Up Your F#" is going to be a two day course running in London on the 15th-16th June. We'll run through a syllabus of language features unique to F# and not shared by the other dotnet languages - features that offer unparalleled expressive power at the cost of a learning curve and the occasional sharp edge. In the course we'll give you a leg up that curve, and protect you from a few cuts along the way.

This course will be aimed at people who have spent some time coding in F# (possibly after taking a course like the "Fast Track to F#") and realise that their projects could benefit from a deeper understanding of F# special abilities. These techniques are especially useful for writing generic, reusable code - whether that's core internal code or widely used libraries.

It will be a small group, allowing for personalization and some flexibility in design, but at its core it will be build up through four major topics:

  1. Useful tricks: active patterns, member constraints, etc

  2. Quotations: what they are, and how and when to use them

  3. Type Providers: how to build them, and use them for type safety

  4. Computational Expressions: build powerful abstractions and then expose them in an easy to use way

We're aiming for a cost of £1,295.00 for the course with early bird (10 15% until the 15th May) and group discounts available (contact us). Due to the nature of the course, there will be a hard limit of 12 attendees. There's also a limited quantity of super-early bird tickets available if you're quick! Register your interest soon to secure a ticket, and if there's a waiting list we'll consult you about additional dates.

As always with @mavnn training courses, we're also willing to come and deliver this training on site and tailor it to your specific needs. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss requirements and quotes.


How do I book?

You can book right here! :)

If your ad/privacy blocker doesn't like the embedded widget, you can also book direct on eventbrite.


We will expect attendees to be familiar with F# syntax, including the use of discriminated unions and computational expressions such as async. Other concepts will be explained and explored during the course.

What to bring

You will need to bring your own computer with a F# development environment already installed. VS Code, Visual Studio, Vim, other editor that doesn't begin with "V": all are fine as long as you can write and compile F# code on the machine. Extra drink token for anyone who brings a Raspberry Pi as their dev environment!

What you'll get

2 days of workshops guiding you through the unique features of F#, along with code and exercises to take away with you.

Breakfast, coffee, lunch, and dinner provided within the course costing including a round of drinks for the evening of the first day.

Where will it be

At the Wellcome Collection, right next to Euston Station.