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Process Management in EasyNetQ

Update! Check out RouteMaster for a progress update on this.

Back in 2015, I wrote about a process manager I'd written over the top of EasyNetQ. At the time it was released as open source, and I was pretty pleased with it. It allowed you to fairly quickly string together a managed work flow of services steps with built in state management for each work flow, and avoided many of the potential pitfalls of trying to build a request/response based system in situations where it isn't appropriate.

Two years on, I've learnt a lot about distributed system design and a lot about composing logic (cough monads cough) - and the original source is no longer available from my previous employers where it was written.

Despite that, I've had a lot of interest in the library in between, so I'm embarking on a full, clean room, rewrite incorporating everything I've learnt. This will also allow me to take advantage of the (very) recent move of EasyNetQ to be .netcore compatible to build the library against .NET Standard, providing a fully portable solution out of the box.

As with EasyNetQ itself, the major focus of this project will be providing the best possible developer experience. This means that it will provide sensible defaults and will be opinionated in places.

Where do you come into all of this? Well, we're looking for corporate sponsorship to help accelerate the development process and we're looking for testers to help build products with pre-release versions. In both cases you get to help to drive which opinions the library settles on, and as a corporate sponsor we'll also help you get up and running. Whether you're sponsoring or not, we'd love you to get involved.

And on a more general note, if you find you're pushing the boundaries of EasyNetQ in any way and you'd like some help, I'd be happy to set up training or consultancy for a bespoke solution for you as well. Drop a note to [email protected].