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Working With NoRedInk

It's all change here at @mavnn land: as of last week, we've signed a full time, indefinite contract with NoRedInk to provide development services.

Given that we're a two person company, and only one of us is a developer, that means we won't be taking on any other work for the foreseeable future!

So, what's going on, why, and what does it mean for you?


The reasons come on a few levels, but they basically boil down to:

  • I think NoRedInk are doing something really worthwhile, and they really understand remote teams
  • My family may need to move on fairly short notice at some point (cough Brexit cough) and neither on-site work nor short term contracts give much security in that context

There are other reasons, and not necessarily minor ones:

  • They have an in-depth interview process which has convinced me I can work with the engineers there
  • They're using Elm on the front end, which I really like the look of
  • They're investing in tooling and support

I'm only just getting started with them (last week they had a 3 day retreat I was able to join them for, this week I'm at NDC Oslo), but so far I can tell you that they seem to be a great bunch of human beings with a clear, concrete, targeted plan on how to make (one aspect of) the world better. I can get behind that.

What does it mean for you?

Well, basically it means that @mavnn ltd will no longer be running on site training or ticketed training events, and we won't be available for bespoke development. It also means that I'll be a lot less active in the F# community; I have 3 new programming languages to learn and become productive with in fairly short order.

Having said that, you can probably expect some cross-ecosystem pollination talks at conferences in the future!

Anyway: enough about me. I now return you to your regular schedule of techy bloginess.