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Building Solid Systems in F#

We are running another course, and I'm officially stoked! Read on for the details…

Building Solid Systems in F#

Writing code is only the first part of putting software into production - to run, maintain and scale your product, you'll need to understand and design the overall system.

This 2 day course will take you through best practice in both writing an F# based, distributed system and running it in production - including sensible inter-operation with components written in other languages.

To fit this into 2 days, we'll need to make some opinionated decisions (such as using F#!), but many of the ideas and concepts will be transferable.

We'll cover:

  • Writing reliable code using F#’s unique language features
  • Learn how to apply SOLID (like) principles in a functional style
  • How to instrument distributed services
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Unit testing
    • Performance measurement
  • Running distributed systems in development
  • Deploying distributed systems to production
  • Good practice in dependency management and code organization

You'll come away with:

A git repository of your completed work, which will include:

  • Nicely instrumented, benchmarked and unit tested F# services
  • A scripted, deterministic deployment process for the overall distributed system
  • Real time centralized logging, metrics and health feedback from the system, whether running on the dev machine or in production
  • Zero down time continuous deployment for the overall system


You need to have:

  • a basic knowledge of F# syntax
  • a reasonable background knowledge of software development

You need to bring laptop with:

  • a relatively recent F# development environment (you’ll need to be able to build dotnet core 2.0 apps)
  • Minikube installed

We’ll also ask you to pre-download some code and containers in advance so that we can hit the ground running on the first day; we’ll pass you the details of that before the event.

Is this a replacement for Level Up Your F#?

No; Level Up Your F# focussed on the details of the F# language, this course is focussed on building systems. We will be running Level Up Your F# again in the future.

Where will it happen?

At the Wellcome Collection

Where can I get tickets?

Right here!

(Or go to EventBrite if that form isn't working for you)

What have other people said about your courses?

Hassan Ezzahir, Lead developer (Contractor) at BNP Paribas

I’ve been trying to learn F# for several years now and got almost all the existing books on the subjects.

Yet, I felt there was a gap between my good understanding of the language and actually applying it on bigger “real” projects.

Michael’s great training skills has enabled me to quickly practice some advanced topics I was less familiar with.

With my newly acquired knowledge, I’m confident I will be able achieve some great (and fun) developments with F#

Alexander Battisti, Senior Software Developer (Machine Learning) at Freeletics GmbH

I found "Level Up your F#" a good course teaching advanced topics in F# that are commonly ignored or glossed over when you are on your own, but are useful enough so you shouldn't ignore them. The exercises were difficult in a good way and engaging. I definitely recommend the course for anybody after they took their first serious steps in learning F#.