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Building Solid Systems in F#

Update: The original venue sold out - more tickets are available for the 8th - 9th March 2018 on EventBrite!

We are running another course, and I'm officially stoked! Read on for the details…

Building Solid Systems in F#

Writing code is only the first part of putting software into production - to run, maintain and scale your product, you'll need to understand and design the overall system.

This 2 day course will take you through best practice in both writing an F# based, distributed system and running it in production - including sensible inter-operation with components written in other languages.

To fit this into 2 days, we'll need to make some opinionated decisions (such as using F#!), but many of the ideas and concepts will be transferable.

We'll cover:

  • Writing reliable code using F#’s unique language features
  • Learn how to apply SOLID (like) principles in a functional style
  • How to instrument distributed services
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Unit testing
    • Performance measurement
  • Running distributed systems in development
  • Deploying distributed systems to production
  • Good practice in dependency management and code organization

You'll come away with:

A git repository of your completed work, which will include:

  • Nicely instrumented, benchmarked and unit tested F# services
  • A scripted, deterministic deployment process for the overall distributed system
  • Real time centralized logging, metrics and health feedback from the system, whether running on the dev machine or in production
  • Zero down time continuous deployment for the overall system


You need to have:

  • a basic knowledge of F# syntax
  • a reasonable background knowledge of software development

You need to bring laptop with:

  • a relatively recent F# development environment (you’ll need to be able to build dotnet core 2.0 apps)
  • Minikube and kubectl installed

We’ll also ask you to pre-download some code and containers in advance so that we can hit the ground running on the first day; we’ll pass you the details of that before the event.

Is this a replacement for Level Up Your F#?

No; Level Up Your F# focussed on the details of the F# language, this course is focussed on building systems. We will be running Level Up Your F# again in the future.

Where/when will it happen?

At the Wellcome Collection Sold out!

The Skiff, in Brighton on the 8th and 9th Manch 2018

Where can I get tickets?

EventBrite or email [email protected] and we'll sort you out an invoice.

What have other people said about your courses?

Hassan Ezzahir, Lead developer (Contractor) at BNP Paribas

I’ve been trying to learn F# for several years now and got almost all the existing books on the subjects.

Yet, I felt there was a gap between my good understanding of the language and actually applying it on bigger “real” projects.

Michael’s great training skills has enabled me to quickly practice some advanced topics I was less familiar with.

With my newly acquired knowledge, I’m confident I will be able achieve some great (and fun) developments with F#

Alexander Battisti, Senior Software Developer (Machine Learning) at Freeletics GmbH

I found "Level Up your F#" a good course teaching advanced topics in F# that are commonly ignored or glossed over when you are on your own, but are useful enough so you shouldn't ignore them. The exercises were difficult in a good way and engaging. I definitely recommend the course for anybody after they took their first serious steps in learning F#.