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Kubernetes for the Masses

As part of a two day training course I'm going to be putting together a bunch of material on how to run .NET Core code on kubernetes.

It will include things like:

  • Setting up CI/automated builds
  • Configuring ingress points (including ssl via self updating Let's Encrypt certs)
  • Monitoring and metrics of the running system

If you'd have any interest in this material as a separate module (which wouldn't be F# specific), do get in touch. I'd reckon it will become a one day course, either in house or hosted.

As an aside, once the material has been battle tested a few times, I will also be putting together a "base" deployment repository - although it will have fair warning that Kubernetes is really still the kind of thing that requires you to understand it before you start pushing things onto it, not just cutting and pasting someone else's config.

After all, you're the one who's going to get the phone call at 03:00…